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Families, Children and Young People

How are we supporting?

Families, Children and Young People

Pre-pregnancy counselling

If you are planning to become pregnant, our GPs can advise you on what lifestyle measures to take, such as diet, exercise, and reducing smoking.  Please make a routine appointment and we can carry out a health check for you, advise on vitamin supplements you may require and arrange any blood tests for you.

Antenatal care

We have an attached midwife who will see you throughout your pregnancy.  She will assess the progress and health of you and your baby at regular intervals and arrange further monitoring and assessment if necessary.  The midwife will also liaise with your GP and the hospital if you require any medical treatment to ensure the safe delivery of your baby.

Child Health Surveillance Checks

The GPs and Practice Nurses work with our Health Visitor to ensure your child’s is developing well.  You will be invited to bring your child to either the Health Visitor or GP clinic for weighing and examination to check your child is doing everything that might be expected for their age.

Immunisation programme

Our Practice Nurses are trained to provide the full range of recommended immunisations for your child.  A GP is available if you have any concerns about your child’s progress or whether they are well enough to have the jabs.  If you have any concerns about any of immunisations being offered we can discuss these with you beforehand and provide information for you to take away with you.

Hospital and Community Paediatric referrals

Where your child requires further assessment and support from health care services we will arrange this for you following assessment by one of the GPs.  This may include emergency care and where you child needs same day emergency treatment we will see you in the Emergency Clinic and arrange hospital admission if they need urgent treatment.  We have recently begun an audit programme to look at the care of children with fevers (May 2016).

DNA policy

If you have missed an appointment at the hospital or elsewhere, these services usually write to us to let us know.  We have a policy in place to contact you regarding this to ensure you are not missing out on important treatment.  We will contact you to find out if the appointment is still required and if you would like us to arrange another one for you.

Child Safeguarding

The Practice keeps a Register of vulnerable children and families.  We have a Safeguarding Team led by Dr Anna Frain.  This team meets each month with the Health Visitor and other professionals to discuss vulnerable patients and to assess how best to provide support to you.

Safeguarding Training

Since 2013 the Practice has held an Annual Safeguarding Afternoon.  All members of staff are required to attend this.  During the afternoon we work in mixed groups of doctor, nurse, manager, receptionist to discuss how best to identify children and adults at risk and how to arrange referral and support for this group of our patients.  In addition, our GPs and Nurses are required to attend Safeguarding training courses as part of their annual appraisal and revalidation.


The change from childhood to an adult can be difficult.  The time when a teenager most needs support such as counselling, lifestyle or sexual health can often be the most difficult to face coming to the doctor.  We are happy to try and help.  As well as surgery appointments, there are a range of services available for you in Derby and we will be able to provide you with details or arrange appointments for you.