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Non NHS Examinations and Services

Non-NHS examinations for special purposes, eg: HGV medicals, fitness to drive, fitness for sporting activity, pre-employment, adoption medicals insurance medicals etc have to be arranged with the Doctor in advance. Other non-NHS services include private sick notes.

A fee is charged for these examinations and services as they are not part of the Doctors’ NHS work and have to be done in the Doctor’s own time during evenings or at weekends. Details of any fees chargeable can be obtained on enquiry at the Reception Desk. Since the Doctor’s main role is to see and treat patients, non-NHS work may be delayed at times when the clinical workload of the practice is high. You are requested to be understanding if there appears to be a delay in completing this work for you since it is at the Doctors’ discretion whether or not it is done at all.

A full list of fees can be obtained from our Practice Manager, Gemma Baines.  For guidance only, although they may be subject to change, the tables below showed the fees for some of our main non-NHS services.  Payment may be made by either cash or cheque.  You should expect to be informed of any charge at the time you request the service.  The charges given below are effective from 1st June 2016.



Approximate Fee

Private Fitness for Work Note (VAT exempt)


Passport form/ photograph


Holiday cancellation insurance certificate


Fitness to travel certificate


Fitness to attend school certificate (report only)


Fitness to attend school certificate (examination and report – e.g. 45 minutes)


Shotgun licence


Medical examinations

Medical Examination

Approximate fee

Pre-employment medical


Medical for 3rd parties (may be VAT exempt – depends on purpose)


HGV,PSV,taxi driver examination


Elderly driver fitness certificate


Diabetic driver’s insurance form


Sports medical


Fitness to travel examination


Racing driver’s fitness certificate


Fitness to attend school examination


Scuba dive examination




Approx Fee

Hepatitis B (each injection)


Japanese Encephalitis


Meningitis A & C


Meningitis ACWY


Oral Cholera






Approx Fee

Private healthcare claim form (BUPA, PPP, etc) (VAT exempt)


School fees insurance claim form


Holiday cancellation examination and report


Sickness/ accident short certificate without examination (VAT exempt)


Employers report and opinion (report only) (e.g. 30 minutes)


Employers report and opinion (examination and report) (e.g. 45 minutes)