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People Experiencing Poor Mental Health

How are we supporting?

People Experiencing Poor Mental Health

For patients suffering with recent mental health problems, we are able to arrange assessment in our daily Emergency Clinic.  If necessary, the GP will arrange further assessment by urgent care mental health services including the Crisis Team and Pathfinder service.

Derby PTS

For patients with less urgent mental health needs, we can arrange self-referral to Derby PTS.  The GP or ANP will provide you with a self-referral pack at your appointment.  We have also an In-house Counsellor.

Mental Health register

The Practice maintains a register of all patients experiencing very poor mental health problems.  This is to help ensure:

  • We liaise with our Area Psychiatrist and Community Mental Health services on your behalf
  • You have a care plan in place which is reviewed at least once each year
  • You are called in for a review with the GP at the surgery at least once a year
  • Your medication is reviewed at least once a year and that you have blood tests and a heart tracing if necessary to monitor the safety of your medicine

Please bring it to our attention if it appears to you that these checks of your health have not been done in the last year.

DNA policy

We monitor all letters from the hospital and other services so that if, for whatever reason, you have missed any of your appointments then we can contact you to see if you want another one to be arranged.