Derwent Valley Medical Practice

20 St Marks Road, Derby DE21 6AT
81 Sitwell Street, Spondon, Derby DE21 7FH

Patient Suggestion Box

Sometimes you can see things we can’t no matter how hard we are working.

This is your GP Practice.  Help us to improve it for you.

There is a Patient Suggestion box in the waiting room at each of our surgeries.  If you have any ideas about anything please write them down and leave the form in the box provided:

  • How can we make the Practice safer?
  • How can we make the Practice more effective?
  • How can we be more caring towards our patients and staff?
  • How can we be more responsive to our patients and staff?
  • How can we improve leadership within the Practice?

We will discuss your ideas and then feedback to you what we have done about it.  It may help to discuss your idea with you so please consider putting your name on the form so we can contact you.  We will share the ideas on the noticeboards, in the newsletter and on this website – however we will keep your own details and identity completely confidential.